Phoenix Phoenix Quilt Guild

Monthly Meetings

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:00 PM. The meeting location is the lower level of:

Intown Quilters Quilt Shop
1058 Mistletoe Road
Atlanta, GA

The shop is off N. Druid Hills Road next to North DeKalb Mall. Overflow parking is available at the closed bank across from the shop.

The meeting agenda typically includes:

  • Brief business meeting
  • How-to program
  • Show-and-tell
  • Raffle

Light snacks are provided by volunteers and you may be asked to volunteer at an upcoming meeting. Click Recipes to find the recipes for some of the more noteworthy snacks.

First-time visitors are always welcome! To get the most out of the group, however, consider joining. Click the Membership menu option to find out how to join.

March Meeting

Date:  03/13/18
Title:  Using EQ7 for Designing Quilts
Presenter:  Sarah Oliver

Summary:   Sarah Oliver will demonstrate EQ7 software for designing quilts. If you already own this software and it is installed on a laptop, consider bringing you computer so that you can follow along or at least paper and pencil for taking notes.

Also, join us at our usual gathering place, Meltons, for dinner before the event.

January Meeting

Date:  01/09/18
Title:  Two Favorite Quilts
Presenter:  All

Summary:   Everyone, please bring your two favorite quilts of all time!

Meeting Volunteers


Meetings by Year

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Beginning in September, 2006, details of the meeting program and photos are available. These are identified by the book and camera icon, respectively. Click the appropriate icon to see more. When you click the camera icon, you will be presented with a page containing thumb nails of the photos. Click any thumbnail to see a larger version.